When is it time for extra support?

Closeup of a support hands

Is your loved one struggling with day-to-day living? Are you concerned for the welfare of someone you care about? Sometimes it’s difficult to accept that it might be time to seek extra help and ...


How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Getting enough sleep at night is crucial for our health and well-being but sometimes it’s not that easy to get a good nine hours. Not getting a proper night’s sleep can lead to irritabilit...


Care Conversation: Encouraging Parents to Accept Help

care conversation

Care can be a difficult conversation to have with parents or grandparents. We all want to feel independent and bringing up to your parents that they may need extra help can be a sensitive conversation...


Fall Prevention Exercises

fall prevention

More than 1 in 4 older people experience falls each year, whilst many falls are minor, falls can often lead to serious injuries that result in a loss of independence and mobility. Balance and strength...


Signs Your Parent Might Need Home Care

home care

As we become older certain tasks can become increasingly difficult and it may become difficult to do the things we used to enjoy. Older parents can sometimes be reluctant to ask for extra help, fearin...


Premier Care Finalists for the GB Care Awards

care awards

The Great British Care awards recognise those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding excellence within their field of work, the awards are inclusive and bring together the statutory, independen...


Finalist for Service Excellence @ Family Business Awards 2018

family business

The family business awards recognise family-ran businesses in the Midlands. Following last year’s success of being finalists for the Family Business of the Year Award, Premier Care this year are in th...

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