How do you choose a care provider?

Home Care

It can be very daunting choosing a care provider for your loved one. You know you want the best quality of care you can get for them, but how do you choose? Needs Think about the needs of the person y...


What is home care?

Respite Home Care

Home care is the most flexible option around. In a care or residential home, many residents can become frustrated. There are many causes – from set routines to being in a new environment. In mos...


Are care homes the only option?

Hospital to Home care

There’s more to a home than just bricks and mortar. A home is not just a building. They are places that hold memories and were we feel safe. Unfortunately, a lot of families think the only way f...


How to help a lonely older person


Everyone gets lonely. You might not be, but someone you know could be. 3.9 million older people in the UK say the television is their main company. Over 2.2 million people aged 75 and older living alo...


What is sundowning?


If you spend the early evening with someone who has dementia, you can notice changes in their mood or behaviour. It’s very common, one in five people living with dementia experience these sympto...


10 year service awards

concept birthday party on white background top view pattern

We had some lovely visitors in the office today! We’ve been celebrating 10 year service throughout Premier Care. We had Nicola Marsh – Senior Manager, along with Jane Birkin and Nic...


Celebrating National Apprenticeship Week


The week of the 5 to 9 March 2018 is an exciting opportunity to celebrate apprenticeships and how they benefit people, businesses, communities and our economy. At Premier Care, we recognise that Appre...


Premier Care is a Skills For Care finalist


Premier Care were recently in the finals for the Skills for Care Accolades in the category for Best Social Care Employer. We’re incredibly proud to have made it this far and to have heard so many wond...

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