Our bodies need proper nutrition and sustenance to help maintain good health, this becomes even more important as we age.

The importance of nutrition can often be overlooked when considering the well-being of older people. If we’re used to our parents being able to prepare and cook regular nutritious meals we may take it for granted that certain factors and developments can lead to deterioration of these habits. Malnutrition is not always marked by weight loss, which can often lead it to be undetected.

Support provided by Premier Care can support older people to maintain a healthy diet, as well as identify any changes in diet or well-being that may indicate that someone is at risk of becoming malnourished. Our Carers can offer support in preparing meals and encouraging a health and balanced diet, as well as ensuring that those receiving care have food at home and going shopping for them.

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It isn’t always easy to sit and have a meal together and ensure that someone is getting the right nutrition to stay healthy. Our Carers can sit with those receiving care to monitor changes in appetite and offer encouragement. If you’re worried that your loved one and you think they could benefit from support preparing and planning meals, or just help with a weekly shop, don’t hesitate to contact our support team on 0800 368 976 and find out more.