Home Care In Matlock

Our experienced carers in Matlock tailor home care to your needs. Our family-run home care service offer a FREE, no obligation initial consultation.

We will draw up a detailed care plan to ensure you receive the best possible care possible, all in the comfort and familiarity of your own home.

Health Care

We provide basic healthcare services to our service users that are in recovery or just leaving hospital, as well as those with recurring issues.

Personal Care

Our Matlock carers can help you or your loved ones with personal tasks like bathing and washing, in a manner that respects your dignity.

Domestic Tasks

Our Matlock carers can help you stay on top of your housework, helping you with cleaning or laundry to help you keep your independence.


Our Matlock carers can help with shopping for groceries and anything you require to help you live independently.

Preparing Meals

Matlock carers can make sure you or your loved one is properly fed by helping to prepare and cook meals.

Respite Care

If you’re a voluntary carer, we can provide support for you to be able to take a break with the peace of mind your loved one is being well looked after.

Medication Management

We realise it can be difficult to keep on top of your medication when you have multiple prescriptions. Our carers have charts that help manage your medications.


If you or a loved one feel isolated due to decreased mobility, or any other reason, our carers will visit and provide companionship.