Talking to someone living with dementia

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Whether you’re caring for a person living with dementia or trying to talk to a loved one with the condition, it can be harder. It’s very common to worry about saying the wrong thing that m...


5 Dementia friendly online activities

Portrait of smiling old lady using digital tablet in living room. Content attractive senior woman covered with blanket resting at home. Retired lady at home concept

People living with dementia still enjoy many activities and can lead varied and fulfilling lives. Activities that keep the brain “busy” can help with cognitive ability. These can range fro...


Caring for dementia

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Caring for dementia is Premier Cares campaign for Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Action Week. This week runs from May 20th until May 26th. Statistics show that more than half of the people living ...


10 year service awards

concept birthday party on white background top view pattern

We had some lovely visitors in the office today! We’ve been celebrating 10 year service throughout Premier Care. We had Nicola Marsh – Senior Manager, along with Jane Birkin and Nic...


How to Safely Manage Your Medication

medication management

We all struggle at times with medication, if you’re prescribed multiple medications it can be difficult to keep track of what you should be taking when. This guide aims to provide tips to help y...


Films to Inspire Older People

older people

It can often seem like older people aren’t often the main players in many movies, however in the last few years film makers seem to have realised the power of the ‘grey pound’ and th...


How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep


Getting enough sleep at night is crucial for our health and well-being but sometimes it’s not that easy to get a good nine hours. Not getting a proper night’s sleep can lead to irritabilit...


Care Conversation: Encouraging Parents to Accept Help

care conversation

Care can be a difficult conversation to have with parents or grandparents. We all want to feel independent and bringing up to your parents that they may need extra help can be a sensitive conversation...


Fall Prevention Exercises

fall prevention

More than 1 in 4 older people experience falls each year, whilst many falls are minor, falls can often lead to serious injuries that result in a loss of independence and mobility. Balance and strength...


Signs Your Parent Might Need Home Care

home care

As we become older certain tasks can become increasingly difficult and it may become difficult to do the things we used to enjoy. Older parents can sometimes be reluctant to ask for extra help, fearin...

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