Staying active as we age


It’s important to exercise and stay active as you get older. Exercise lowers your risk of developing several health conditions. These include heart disease and dementia. It can also reduce your ...


What is home care?


Home care is the most flexible option around. In a care or residential home, many residents can become frustrated. There are many causes – from set routines to being in a new environment. In mos...


Keeping cool in a heatwave

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Who doesn’t look forward to a lovely summer? Even if the great British summer isn’t always reliable! High temperatures and humidity can present a risk to your health, especially for older ...


What are phone scams?

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There are many ways that scammers con people out of their money. Phone scams are a way to get your personal and financial information. It’s important you can recognise a scam call and know how t...


What are postal scams?


You might think all of your post comes from trusted sources. The techniques scammers are using are becoming more sophisticated. This makes it very difficult to spot the difference between scam mail, j...


Conversation with your elderly loved ones

Women Holding Chat Bubble

We all get older, it’s a fact of life. This can affect your communication with your loved ones are they age. It becomes increasingly important to openly communicate about their physical and...


Are care homes the only option?


There’s more to a home than just bricks and mortar. A home is not just a building. They are places that hold memories and were we feel safe. Unfortunately, a lot of families think the only way f...


How to help a lonely older person


Everyone gets lonely. You might not be, but someone you know could be. 3.9 million older people in the UK say the television is their main company. Over 2.2 million people aged 75 and older living alo...


What causes loneliness?


Most people will feel lonely in their lives. It’s a personal experience that will thankfully pass for most people. But for a growing number of people, particularly those in later life, lonelines...


Why is it important to tackle loneliness?


No one should feel they have no one to turn to, but we also know that loneliness can have a big impact on our mental and physical health. Older people are especially vulnerable to social isolation &#8...

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