April Update – Supporting our NHS


Lockdown was announced on the 23rd of March, which was only 6 weeks ago. It feels like a lifetime to some of us, and has brought about unprecedented changes. With the lockdown, we’ve had to adap...


BBC Radio Derby Interview


Did you listen to our Managing Director – Dan Isterling – being interviewed BBC Radio Derby. He talked through some of the issues facing the care industry throughout the COVID-19 pandemic....


Let’s get Quiz-zicle!

It´s Quiz Time!

Here’s a light-hearted quiz for your pleasure. Play as a household or individually, it’s just for fun!    5 different rounds that include: multiple-choice, what came firs...


Scams and COVID-19

Closeup of a pile of mail on doormat

We know that times have been difficult and strange since the Coronavirus pandemic and the UK going into lockdown. With fake news, scams and scare-mongering on the rise – we hope that you are wel...


Help for those isolating and shielding: COVID-19

Portrait of sad elderly woman in the his house.

With difficult times ahead of us with COVID-19, and those in vulnerable categories asked to stay home for 12 weeks. The movement the government has called “shielding”. You might be worryin...


COVID-19 – Premier Care Plan


In light of the recent developments surrounding the emergence of Covid-19 (Coronavirus). We feel it is important not only to reassure that although the risk is currently low and is likely to remain lo...


Primary School Visit


Recently our Care Director, Tracey Poole, paid a visit to Heatherley Primary School in Forest Town. Teach & Inspire Tracey went to give a talk about the Care industry and what it means to b...


Christmas with Age UK

old woman putting ornaments on Christmas tree

Age UK and Premier Care are teaming up this December to help spread some Christmas cheer to those who might not be feeling very festive this December. Age UK Nottinghamshire – Shoebox drive We&#...


Sherwood Colliery Ability Counts FC


Here at Premier Care we are proud to get involved with our local community, providing support and sponsorship to good causes where we can. One of the fantastic causes we support is a local inclusive f...


How do you choose a care provider?

Home Care

It can be very daunting choosing a care provider for your loved one. You know you want the best quality of care you can get for them, but how do you choose? Needs Think about the needs of the person y...

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