Working in care can be a great career option for friendly and compassionate people interested in meeting new people. Providing care in the community is unlike any other job, no two days are alike. Working for Premier Care you’ll have opportunities to progress internally and gain qualifications to help you to develop professionally.

Here you can learn a little more about what to expect from the recruitment process and the role. If you have any questions about applying please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 368 9766.

What does working in domiciliary care involve?

Domiciliary care is person-centred and tailored to the individual which means that the tasks needed are varied. This can make for a great working life where no two days are alike.

Domiciliary care involves visiting the homes of clients to provide support to help them to live safely and independently in their home. You will make multiple visits within a day, as the calls might sometimes be quite far apart we ask that all applicants have access to a car. The role can be incredibly rewarding for the right people and offers a lot of opportunity for personal and professional development.

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What’s a typical work day for a Care Assistant?

Each day can be very different but here’s an example of what your visits may involve;

  • A morning visit to help someone get up out of bed and washed and ready for the day, preparing breakfast and a cup of tea and having a chat
  • A visit at lunch to prepare some lunch, put on some washing and tidy up around the home
  • Accompanying a client on their weekly shop or on an errand, or social visit
  • Supporting a client to use the toilet and moving them to bed in the evening
  • Administering medication and going on a short walk in the village

This article from details gives a good overview into what a day might be like when working as a Care Assistant.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't have any experience, can I still work in care?

You don’t need to have any experience to work in care, however a compassionate and friendly nature is important. You will receive training before starting in your role to teach you everything you’ll need to know on the job and to help you feel prepared when you start work. You will also work shifts shadowing a more experience Care Assistant when you first start to help show you the ropes.

What does the role of Care Assistant involve?

Working as a Care Assistant involves visiting going to visit people within their home and providing support to help them live well independently. Visits can involve a variety of tasks, from just checking in and having a chat, to helping someone to bathe and get dressed, no two days will be alike.

What are the benefits of working for Premier Care?

At Premier Care we’re committed to creating a positive working environment with benefits to reward Care Assistants for their hard work in providing excellent care. Care Assistants with Premier Care are paid £9.90 – £11.20 per hour of contact time as well as a 50p bonus per hour worked for 100% attendance for the month and 20p per mile. There are also opportunities to advance internally into operational or managerial roles, as well as support to complete further qualifications through the Premier Care Academy.

Will I work on my own or as part of a team?

Depending on the particular visit you will be working on our own or with another Care Assistant. Usually if a client uses movement aids more than one Care Assistant will be assigned but often the care provided will be one to one.

Although you’ll be working in the community, you will have a supportive team assigned by your area of work that will meet regularly. At these meeting you will be able to discuss any issues with your manager and hear about any updates from Premier Care.

What is the recruitment process?

Once you’ve applied, you should receive a phone call from a member of our recruitment team for a quick chat around the roll. After this stage you will be invited to come to one of our offices for an interview to talk around any relevant experience and personal qualities. At Premier Care we require two references, these may be from a former employer, a colleague, a supervisor, a teacher, or someone else who can recommend you for employment. If you’re successful in your interview then you will be scheduled for one week’s paid training where you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of your colleagues and get a better idea of your role.

Will I need to wear a uniform?

Yes, you will be provided tunics to wear when working. Wearing a uniform whilst working in care means that you are easily identifiable to those receiving care and their families.

If you think working in care could be a good fit for you, fill out an application form and tell us a bit about yourself.